Debates & Panels

Publication of the panels will be in a few days.

Stay tuned for updates and enjoy some captivating pictures from our past events.

Upcoming Panels

The panels, which are currently under construction, will feature pioneers and key figures from our community. They will address topics that are crucial not only for roboticists but also for the general public. Discussions will include themes such as Responsible Research and Ethics, Sustainability, Intelligence and Generative AI, Humanoids, and the achievements of 40 years of robotics. The exact list of panels and speakers will be published soon.

Our panels aim to foster a dynamic and engaging environment where cutting-edge ideas and developments in robotics can be discussed openly. The sessions will delve into the ethical implications of emerging technologies, explore sustainable practices in robotics, and highlight the transformative impact of AI and humanoid robots. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and innovators who have shaped the field over the past four decades. These discussions will not only reflect on past achievements but also set the stage for future advancements in robotics and automation. Stay tuned for the full list of panels and speakers, which will be announced shortly.